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Centrally located in Belgium at the cross borders of Germany and the Netherlands, JulyOne assists its clients from the strategic planning to the operational implementation of their marketing and communication activities.
JulyOne is specialized in new media, new communication technologies and mobile marketing with QR codes. JulyOne's mission is to help clients to communicate differently with innovative tools and to deliver surprises.
JulyOne covers all major disciplines of modern marketing and offers a range of services designed to meet the client’s needs and to consistently, individually and professionally execute marketing activities:
  • Coordination of projects: advice, support and monitoring of all types of advertising campaigns, including mobile marketing with QR codes.
  • Strategy and concept: design and development of your marketing projects.
  • Creation and production: design, development and creation of internal and external marketing collaterals.
JulyOne is the result of over 15 years experience in marketing and communication, in multinational companies, in an international and multicultural environment and with, amongst others, the pioneer and market leader of the barcode reading technology for QR codes.
Its main strength lies in the extensive knowledge of the market for mobile marketing and QR codes. JulyOne creates concepts that suit you and allow you to differentiate yourself in your market and be even closer to your customers and prospects.
JulyOne creates concepts that allow you to position your service and product in a way that suit best your customers’ needs and demands while differentiating yourself from the competition and being even closer to potential customers.
  • Please contact JulyOne by e-mail or by phone if you still have queries or would like further information

  • Address: Hockelbach 56 / 4841 Henri-Chapelle / Belgium
    Phone: +32 87 56 98 30
    Mobile (BE): +32 489 566 776
    Mobile (DE): +49 170 423 02 85
QR code (abbreviated from Quick Response code) is a kind of two-dimensional barcode whose content can be easily and instantly decoded by a camera phone or smartphone.
Therefore, QR codes are among the newest trends in marketing and connectivity as they link the real world (traditional marketing) with the mobile world. They are definitely coming into their own and becoming widely recognized as an effective and innovative complementary marketing tool to traditional media. QR codes provide a simple and clever way to reach the new target audience of “mobile users”, to consequently improve the experience with a brand or an organisation, and to build a closer relationship with customers.

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